Billboards are the most common form of outdoor advertising and can be dated back to some of the earliest civilizations that would carve laws and treaties into stone. Today you can find over 340,000 billboards across the United States. Billboards have great visibility due to their size, placement, and eye-catching images placed on them. The Outdoor Association of America reports that billboards make up 66% of annual outdoor advertising revenue.


Static billboards are printed on vinyl and then manually installed to the billboard. Usually sold for long periods—upwards of 16 weeks.

Key Attributes:

  • Exclusive ownership of advertisement space
  • Continuous exposure of your advertisement
  • Perfect for branding and directional use
  • Extensions and embellishments
  • Reusable advertisement material

*Turnaround is about 5-7 business days after receiving creative approval of artwork.


Digital billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays. Space is sold in 8-second slots. With 8 advertisers per billboard face.

Key Attributes:

  • No production cost
  • Quick creative turn around
  • Day parting and multi-messaging
  • Dynamic content with RSS feed
  • 1,200 commercial spots airing ever 24hrs

*Ads can go live within 1 business day after receiving creative approval of artwork.