90% of consumers have noticed a out-of-home advertising in the past month.
80% noticed an OOH ad in the past week.


66% of consumers used their smart phone in response to seeing an OOH ad.
42% used an online search
33% accessed a coupon or discount code
32% visited an advertiser’s website
21% Downloaded or used and app show in the ad
18% snapped a photo of an ad


85% of consumers make it a point to look at the advertising message on a billboard.
Actions taken after seeing an OOH ad.
28% watched a movie in a theater
26% watched a tv program
25% visited a restaurant advertised
19% visited a store
14% tuned into a radio station
14% attended a sporting event, festival, and concert
8% called a phone number
80% noticed an OOH ad in the past week.


On average a consumer travels an average of 25+ hours and over 159 miles on the road a week.
81% of travelers have noticed a static billboard or digital billboard.


39% of viewers have noticed a directional OOH ad.
20% of OOH viewers visited immediately a business after seeing the ad.
74% of those visitors made a purchase.