Rates are based on the location of the billboard, the demographics of the area, “Eyes on Impression” numbers (EOI) we receive via Geopath*, and various other factors. This means the rate for every location varies and we are unable to offer a flat fee.

Other costs to keep in Mind:


An extra creative fee may be charged when creative work needed exceeds the allotted amount of time that is included with each of our contracts. Usually this is for clients that require frequent copy changes. The client will be notified if this is needed and will only be charged with approval.

Production Fees:

This cost is for the printing and installation of the vinyl banner for Static Billboards. If the printed material is being sent to us or is being reposted, Only the posting fee is required. Contact us for current rates and more info.

This fee is not required with digital billboards*

Extensions & Embellishments:

Extensions & Embellishments require additional costs for printing, building, and installing. These fees are on a case by case basis depending on the scope of work required.