8 Mile West of Schoenherr


KEY ATTRIBUTES : Located on the overwhelmingly active 8 Mile Road, this bulletin caters to commuters traveling westbound from Gratiot Ave, Harper Woods, Eastland Mall, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Grosse Pointe, and more. This unit also borders Macomb County to the North. Key attractions in this area include: Save-A-Lot, Glory Supermarket, and a host of used car dealerships, appliance stores, and resale shops.

Billboard Advantages

  •     Top of Mind Awareness
  •     Constant Market Presence
  •     Total Market Reach
  •     High Frequency
  •     Limited Waste Circulation
  •     Low Monthly Cost

Billboard Type: Static


SIZE: 14’ x 48’ | SIDE: South | FACE: East

LAT : 42.448867 | LONG : -82.994809